We develop fundamental understanding of the processes of deformation and failure of structural materials and study the connections between these processes and their underlying physical mechanisms. We also develop processing windows for a variety of additive manufacturing and solid phase processes. We advance the in-depth understanding of the relationships between the processing, the structure and the properties of structural materials and design novel materials with extraordinary performance.

In the Spotlight

Damage at Extremes

In his interview with MIT News office, Mostafa explains what happens when tiny particles traveling at supersonic speeds impact materials. High speed particles can bounce away, stick, or knock material off the surface and weaken it. New findings can help us design erosion-resistant materials and develop more efficient coating and cutting processes.


MSc and Ph.D. Openings

There are currently several openings for MSc and PhD students with interests in mechanical behavior of materials, structural materials, and additive manufacturing. Postdoctoral Fellows, Visiting Researchers and Professors with relevant research interests and their own funding are always welcome to spend time in our Lab at Cornell.